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You must first know that Facebook is not a dating site. Although this may be the reason for appointments, it is not a place where girls are killed every day to kill girls. Because all are connected, words will come out quickly and things can be revealed quickly. So, what’s the best under the radar to get the girl’s attention? First it is always visible in the feed.


One of the best ways to stay active is to participate in all types of events. Whenever you attend events, it will be forwarded to all attendees.

In other words, it tells people that you are busy with fun activities! (Facebook is not great?)


As busy as possible you can accept all activity invitations.

Even better ... Create your own program and invite them. People want to stay close to the organizers, so if you can organize some events and invite your favorite girls. They can not come up, but at least they receive invitations that show that you’re socially, joyful and welcome. What’s more ... If someone invites you to a party, you can favor favors in the next favor. Girls are the best way to invite you to their parties. The only way to impress a girl is an attractive life.



There is a place where many people do something wrong. They use more chat feature in Facebook “Oh, the girl I am online, send me a message!” And immediately they start talking to them. Immediately, she is afraid to go online since she is sent to everyone by sending a message (if you think there are many people who are not on Facebook chat). That’s why I did not talk to myself on Facebook ... The last time I was running, I had more than 12 chat messages which I wanted to talk to, ask questions, etc. I love you, but only once!


So when you talk to a girl, make it simple and concise. Whenever you send a message to a girl on Facebook, she automatically knows you. (Friends only need to chat with girls who they like on Facebook). Make sure you’ve read the way to talk to girls, you can joke with them, and if the cramps are good, invite them there!

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